AMA Drop on Scholarship 27th Dec 21

Taken from an AMA:

When I try to invite friends, they see the price tag of a hero and they say no. I heard rumors about some things you are doing to make the barrier to entry easier. Can you speak to that for how we can get greater adoption?

When we see the price of Jewel going up everyone is happy and then you go to summon and people are thinking oh wow that’s expensive. We want there to be a place for everyone. We are in holding formation but we are learning more about Axie’s scholarship program where people who can’t afford the assets can use them and share the profits with the owner. We don’t want to just copy it because there are issues with Axie’s approach, so we are trying to develop something that will be much better. We also don’t want to recklessly jump into this and break or betray the value that people have perceived in these assets. There is a lower barriers to entry section in our Harmony grant on building out a scholarship in a different form on helping people get into the game that isn’t as scalable as as scholarship type program but we are thoughtful about it. Please share your views in any way that is appropriate and healthy.

Dreamer, AMA 27/12/21 (link)

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