AMA Eggstract – PVP Gambit System – 11 APR 22

With PVP being one of the most anticipated features of DFK, it’s only natural that people want to know more about it.

The following question was asked in an AMA (found here):

I know there will be limitations for combat based on blockchain tech, one might be a gambit system like in FF12?

Which was answered:

“We are planning on doing something like a gambit system for combat. We have a working prototype we are testing with now. It’s pretty far along, there’s a lot more to go with it, but that is generally the direction we are going with the combat system. As far as what you will do with your hero, you will set up their AI and what they will do in PVP and PVE. That hopefully answers most of your questions.”

– Hubert

“Yes we are looking at a gambit like system for combat”

– Bolon

What is a Gambit System?

A gambit system, specifically the one in FF12 as referenced in the question, is explained in a YouTube video by The Inner Grove with Samichpunch and Babypunch, which has a lot of great explanations and insight in to how to play with a gambit system:

Not loads of information in this post, but every little helps, right?

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