AMA Extract – Land – January 31st

Land was launched, as far as I can tell, on the week commencing the 24th January. The next AMA that was held was on Monday 31st January. Here are a few extracts from that AMA specifically about land…

(Click here to read the AMA for reference/verification)

“We launched land last week which was a huge release. A ton of work went into that. We also launched land auctions (land sale board) on Friday. We had originally wait until this Wednesday for that but Beetle Dude was able to get it launched earlier and we have more things coming soon such as adding names to the lands instead of just a number. There are other lands there as well that haven’t been claimed and so adding the ability to have those be “competed” for will be coming soon as well.”

– Frisky Fox

Everyone sees professions, but there’s going to be combat, story quests, pvp, competing for land and staking has also been something we’ve brought up.

– Frisky Fox

“Also upcoming with land, we will have more of a simplified tournament that will look at who will be able to win the new lands that haven’t been claimed and it will be based primarily on stats.”

– Frisky Fox

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