Community DFK Tools


DeFi Kingdoms has a phenomenal community of fans, aficionados, analysts and builders. The Discord is a great place for asking one-off questions, but sometimes we need a bit more technical help in making decisions.

Here is a collection of the best tools available to the DFK community that offer a range of different things, from the basic to the omg-what-is-this-witchcraft.

Sentient Pumpkin

This resource was created by CryptoMeme initially as a Gold calculator. Using a hero’s stats, scores and genes, this tool will tell you how much gold a hero is likely to pull on a full stamina run.

To see that website, click here.

DFK Analytics

Quite simply the best hero and pet market out there.

Click here. Just… trust me.

Adventures in DFK

This website offers a whole bunch of useful tools. They offer email-alerts for the Tavern (based on custom criteria for hero sales), a behind-the-scenes look at your heroes to a level you didn’t realise existed and a great hero-matching tool for summoning heroes (I’ll talk about that more on my Hero Summoning Guide). They also offer tavern data, market data and a ‘Combat Corner’ where they speculatively assess potential PVP teams for strengths and weaknesses based on available information. I mean, that’s loads, right?

Click here to check it out.