Stamina Vial

This item can be crafted at the Alchemist with crafting materials.

You can Craft this item using the following recipe:
Shimmerskin (1)
Swift-Thistle (1)
Darkweed (2)
Spiderfruit (2)
Milkweed (2)
Gaia’s Tear (10)
Gold (2000)
Used in the following Crafting Recipes:
Lesser Finesse Stone (1)
Lesser Vigor Stone (1)


Unlike any of the other potions available from the Alchemist, Stamina Vials had/have utility before the PVP/PVE elements of the game come/came out. A Stamina Vial restores 25 Stamina Points upon use, which already helps Heroes to quest without having to wait 8hrs 20mins plus hours for a full recharge.

Left click on the Stamina Vial in your Inventory
Step 1 – Approve Use (first time only)
Step 2 – Select Hero (and then confirm transaction in your wallet)


Going by item value in Gold, this totals 2200 (plus 10 Gaia’s Tears, which don’t have a direct Gold price).

If we look at how much Gaia’s Tears cost compared to Gold:

(Screenshot taken from the bot on the DeFi Kingdoms Discord)

We see that Gold is worth (at the time of writing) almost twice as much as Gaia’s Tears. Prices for tokens in $USD will always fluctuate based on what’s happening on the market, with the prices going up when ingame demand increases and going back down when demand decreases. Free economy, etc. But, for the sake of argument, let’s assume it won’t deviate too far outside of [Gold/4]<Gaia’s Tear>[Gold*4], which would give it a fluid value of 0.25-4 Gold. At most this would put the value of 10 Gaia’s Tears at 40 Gold.

Bringing the total Gold for a Stamina Vial to 2240


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At the time of writing, Stamina Vials were a little more expensive:

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Once PVE and PVP options are available, these items will significantly increase in demand and the price will go up in the Trader accordingly.