What is Crystalvale?

Crystalvale is the first expansion to the world of DeFi Kingdoms. With it comes several new updates, including new heroes, new quests and new lore. Have a look at the map below and marvel at how pretty it is.

What’s the Difference?

So, whereas Serendale (the core part of the game aspect of DeFi Kingdoms) was launched on the Harmony network which uses the cryptocurrency “ONE”, Crystalvale is pioneering new technology as it exists on a subnet – the first of its kind – on the Avalanche network, which uses “AVAX” as it’s primary currency.

And while in Serendale, the power token for almost all transactions is Jewel, in Crystalvale it’ll actually be a new power token called Crystal. The gardens will operate different token pairs and the transmission schedule will operate independently from Serendale.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

There’s loads to learn about in Crystalvale and the hope is to break it down by area within this section of the website, but write guides on different subject matters that may include Crystalvale specific writeups. They might end up here, or they may be placed elsewhere if somewhere more logical presents itself.

How To Use This Section

Each area of Crystalvale will have its own page. And on that page, there’ll be a brief guide as to what the area is for and why that matters in the grand scheme of things. There’s lots to see and do in DeFi Kingdoms, so whilst to seasoned veterans of DFK this will seem like simple stuff, if you’re just getting started it can all be a bit overwhelming. But, don’t worry – explore these parts at your leisure and hopefully you’ll pick up enough bits of info to have the confidence to go out and make the most of your DFK experience!

So dig in, have a look around and if you have any questions, get in touch via the contact page.