DFK Duel – One Day In


DFK Duel is the first minigame to be launched within DeFi Kingdoms. It’s not been out for long, but it seems to have found an audience!


In under 24 hours since launch, there have been over 15,000 DFK Duel matches played. Of those matches, around 3,500 unique wallets have taken part so far, which is a crazy amount of uptake for a new feature for an initial 24 hour period.

According to the superb MrZipper, that breaks down as 43% of matches being 1v1s, 40% as 3v3s and a surprising 17% as 9v9s. Where are y’all getting all these heroes from?!

More than six players have managed to reach Rank 2 so far as well, so a big well done to burnem, LORD BAKA, JL026, Katsukatsu, HarmonyWarrior and Sir Lil B for being the first to hit these dizzying heights. And whoever said money can’t buy you happiness, amiright?


Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. There are still some people who seem to think it’s DFK’s version of PVP, despite all the many ways in which everyone has tried to make clear it isn’t. That’ll come with time, though! Nothing a little splainin’ can’t fix.

The most common piece of constructive criticism is that there could be some improvements made to the matchmaking system. Because everyone started from Rank 1, it means that everyone got pooled together, from a one floor hero wallet to the wallets that fielded a bunch of Dreadknights.

There were many a small wallet success stories though taking down the Goliaths of DFK, which is fun to see even from a neutral perspective. And, once all the Billy Big Bags have ranked up (like the individuals who already hit Rank 2 above!) and their top-end heroes move up a bracket, it should make it easier for the rest of us to compete!

But, Frisky Fox has said they’re looking at how best to implement a Hero Level multiplier to the matchmaking system, so stay tuned. It’s great when devs listen to feedback.


There’s still a bit of confusion as to how best to implement the Boost (or how the Boost works, even) – so here’s the skinny: where possible, you want to group your heroes by matching stat and Background.

The reason being is that the Boost makes it 3x more likely for the stat you’ve chosen to be selected in each round of the Duel you’re in. So if you’re sending three heroes of the same stat, that’s a 3x boost for every round. Same with Backgrounds – if you’ve got three different backgrounds, the Boost only gives you one round of a 3x advantage. Nobody should be selecting a background that doesn’t feature on any of the Hero NFT cards you’re using. If you match a background AND you win the Element Dominance you can DOUBLE your stat’s score, so trying to match your highest stat to the one picked for the Duel and the Background chosen is definitely the way to go.

Community Tournaments

Less than a day after DFK Duel went live, we saw our first Duel Tournament, organised by community member Adamantine. He put up the prize of a Green Egg for people to compete over and laid down the challenge to any soul brave enough to compete.

The inaugural DFK Show Down was won by r0wdy, and the whole competition was streamed by PRIMETIME on Twitch.

It’s just another great example of community initiative and making the most of the features we already have in DFK. Adamantine has said that these competitions will be running weekly, and then once they get to 16 unique winners they’ll have a Champions Tournament!

To join the DFK Show Down Discord, click here.


Not a bad first day of DFK Duel! Not a bad first day at all!

If you have any great David vs Goliath stories for your Duels so far, hit me up on the DFK Discord – I’m normally around!


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