DFK Duel


So, let’s get this straight – no, Duels is not the same as Combat. It’s not PVP, it’s just a minigame. And it’s damned fun, as well!


The BETA Server
Understanding the Risks
How to Play
Deciding Duel Outcomes
The Ranking System
The Reward System

DFK Duel Overview

DFK Duel is a card game. Only, rather than using playing cards, it uses the Hero NFT cards found within DeFi Kingdoms. You play against other players, and matches can either be ranked using a matchmaking system or private duels – for which you’re on your own if it’s mismatched. Know thy enemy!

And importantly – Heroes can both be on a quest and be selected for a DFK Duel at the same time, meaning you don’t have to pick one activity or another! Also as a result, you don’t spend Stamina whilst competing in the Duels, so your Hero NFTs will not gain experience points for battles.

The BETA Server

At least at first, DFK Duel will only be available on the BETA server. This is because it’s still being refined (hence why it’s being billed as Pre-Season), and will only move onto the main site once they’ve proven everything works exactly as it should and everything is balanced based on community involvement. Season 1 will launch initially on Crystalvale in due course. To go to the BETA server, hit:


Understanding the Risks

Hero burning or hero fatality isn’t something that will feature during Duels, but you are staking both Gold and Jewel and betting against an unknown opposition. If you aren’t confident in your heroes, be prepared to lose a lot.

When a new season of DFK Duel launches it might be prudent not to dive right in. As everyone is starting at Rank 1, you could literally be matched with any opposition in DFK. The matchmaking system is currently entirely based around your DFK Duel Rank, so if you’re in that bracket (which everyone will be at first) then expect to see some DreadKnights making fools out of everyone. Once all the Billy Big Bags with all the top heroes start ranking up, it might be safer to join in. Maybe.

Of course, if you are just in it for the fun and are keen to try something new, don’t let that stop you! If you don’t stake anything you can’t afford to lose, you should be fine!

How to Play DFK Duel

The Official DFK Team released a good guide on DFK Duel, which can be found here. This page will cover much of the same stuff, but elaborate on some bits for more information where appropriate.

Where to Find Duels


Selecting Duel Size

There are three variants of Duels – 1v1, 3v3 or 9v9. You can only commit a Hero to one Duel at a time and you can only queue one Duel of each size at any one time. You can see if any players are currently waiting to be dueled on the opening screen, as seen here:

If nobody’s waiting in the lobby, you can still enter a team and just wait for somebody else to join to Duel.

You can select the Heroes you want to join your squad (or “Deck”, because cards) from the normal Hero interface, just like if you were selecting heroes to quest with. To deselect somebody from your Deck, just click on them. Simples.

Boosting Your Duels

You can pick a Stat and a Background to ‘boost’. This gives a 3x multiplier to that chosen Stat and Background being chosen for the Duel you’re in. Before boosts, each Stat and Background have a 1 in 8 chance of being randomly selected, so it’s good idea to pick a Stat and Background that at least one of your Heroes have.

Duel Types

Players can pick between a Ranked Match, a Private Match or a Practice Match.

A Ranked Match is the one that costs Entry Fees and gives Rewards. The game has a matchmaking system whereby every player is ‘matched’ against players within or near their Rank and you won’t know who or what heroes you’re up against until the Duel begins. The winner earns Rank Points and the loser loses the same number of Rank Points.

When asked if there was anything to stop a Rank 9 player (for instance) with 9 Level 16 heroes from transferring heroes to an alternative wallet to compete amongst Rank 1 players for easy victories, Frisky Fox initially said this:

But that’s since been followed up with the following announcement which says they’re extending the cooldown that heroes can be used cross-wallet to 14 days (from last Duel):


A Private Match is not ranked and there’s no support ingame for wagers or staking assets. The instigating player (either one of you, don’t fight about this part) enters the other player’s 0x address and hits Send Challenge.

After the challenge has been issued, the instigating player can check the status on the Current tab of the View Duels menu. After the opposing player accepts the challenge, either player can start the Duel by going to the Current tab of the View Duels menu and clicking on Fight. The Private Match will then appear on the Completed menu after.

A Practice Match means you aren’t actually playing against anyone. You select the “Rank” you’d like to simulate as your opposition and the game picks the last Heroes of that rank to win in the category you’re simulating. The Duel then proceeds as though it were against those heroes, but only you get to see the results. Your Practice Match will still show up under the Current tab of ‘View Duels’ and you still have to click ‘Fight’.

For each Match Type, you can then search for the results afterwards using the Duel ID.

Entry Fees

Entry Fees are for Ranked Matches only and the Rewards and Gold Fee scale depending on the selected Jewel Fee.

An Entry Fee of Gold and JEWEL is paid by both players. The winner of the Duel can expect to reclaim the Gold they put in along with a pile of raffle tickets. The loser does not get their Gold back, but always gets at least one ticket. If players choose to pay the higher JEWEL fees, they can earn more tickets whether they win or lose.

Deciding Duel Outcomes

Hero Matchups

Easy enough in a 1v1. For the 3v3 and 9v9, the Heroes in each Deck will be shuffled randomly and face each other one by one. The winner of each round is based on the randomly selected Stat and Background which will be re-rolled for each round, and an Element Comparison each round. Again, you can influence this roll in your pre-match Boosts.

Stat Selection

The Duel picks one of the eight possible Hero Stats at random and awards each player points equal to that hero’s selected Stat. So if the Duel picks Luck as the stat, and the Hero has 8 Luck, then 8 points are awarded to that Hero.

Background Selection

The Duel will then pick the Background from the 8 available. If the Hero’s Background matches the one chosen by the Duel, they’ll receive 50% of the Hero’s Stat being used for that Duel. No matching Background? No points. Both Heroes have a matching Background? Both Heroes get points.

Element Comparison

The Duel also compares the Element of each Hero card and gives 50% of the selected stat for that round in points if one player has a Dominant Element. If neither player has a Dominant Element, or if both Elements are the same, no bonus points are awarded. The winning Element is shown on the Element… wheel… and at the top of the Duel screen.

Element Dominance

Fire beats: Ice, Dark, Wind
Ice beats: Wind, Earth, Dark
Wind beats: Lightning, Earth, Light
Earth beats: Light, Water, Lightning
Lightning beats: Water, Fire, Light
Water beats: Dark, Fire, Ice
Light beats: Fire, Water, Ice
Dark beats: Wind, Lightning, Earth
No winners: Water vs Wind, Ice vs Lightning, Light vs Dark or Fire vs Earth

The Winner

The points for the Stat, Background and Element are then added up, and the winner of that round is the Hero with the most accumulative points. If playing a 3v3 or a 9v9, the winner is the player who wins the most rounds.

Completing the Duel

Once all rounds have been played out, the Match Results screen will pop up with a full breakdown of each round and the resulting awards and changes in Rank Points for each player. You can also then see the ‘Details’ for every matchup. Once finished, the Duel will move to the Completed tab of View Duels and you can go back and view it at any time.

Watching the Duels

You don’t have to. You can hit “Skip to Results” button if you have no soul or capacity to feel enjoyment in life.

The Ranking System

Rank Points are awarded to the winner and deducted from the loser. Players will generally be matched with players within, or near to, their Rank. Players can go up or down in Rank depending on their total points. New Ranks are achieved for every 500 points.

The Reward System

Raffle Tickets

Like we saw in the Perilous Journey, Raffle Tickets for Duels will be soul-bound. This means they are registered to the wallet you play with and cannot be transferred, bought or sold.

For winning 1v1 with 0.1J, 0.5J or 1J staked, you get 10, 60 or 130 Tickets.
For winning 3v3 with 0.3J, 1.5J or 3J staked, you get 40, 220, 450 Tickets.
For winning 9v9 with 1J, 5J or 10J staked, you get 150, 780 or 1600 Tickets.
For losing, you get 10% of the Raffle Tickets that you would have received for winning.

You also get your Gold returned for winning, so 25 for 1v1, 50 for 3v3 and 100 for 9v9. You get no Gold back for losing, and you get no Jewel back whether you win or lose.

Types of Raffles

The Raffle Master is now live at the Castle in Serendale! For more information on the raffles, go to this page:


There will be a number of concurrent Raffles that rotate “every so often”. There could be small, medium and large raffles that last one hour, one day or one week for example.

Raffle prizes could be anything at this stage, either Jewel or ingame items, such as Gold Eggs.

Entering Raffles

Players can submit their tickets to any raffle they want to enter. Each raffle will have a limit to how many tickets a player can submit – this prevents prize sniping by entering in a bunch of tickets right at the very end.

Drawing a Winner

Once a raffle period has ended, anyone can Draw the raffle winner. This will be protected by the same multi-transaction VRF randomness that is used on other parts of the site.

Drawing a winner will also begin a new raffle for that bucket (Small, Medium, Large) which is randomly selected from a pool of potential raffle options for that bucket size.

The way this is set up allows the system to be self-sustaining and autonomous, allowing for more frequent raffles (which could only last ten minutes, should DFK Team so desire it).

Gold Pot Raffle

For each Duel, the winner will research their staked Gold. The loser’s Gold Fee will be partially burned and partially entered in to the Gold Pot. Anyone can choose to put their raffle tickets into the Gold Pot for a share of the gold in it. There will be no drawing for the Gold Pot, instead the accumulated Gold will be split evenly among all raffle entrants based on the number of tickets they submitted.

Seasonal Play

Duels will launch in a Pre-Season mode whilst the team works out the balancing of the matchmaking system. Players who participate in the Pre-Season of Duels will be eligible to receive Airdrops, to be announced later. Season 1 has been announced to be starting when Duels launches on DFK Chain in Crystalvale.

The airdrops for pre-season will be rank-based, so make sure you’re winning those duels!