DFK Guides

Ever felt like there’s just too much to learn about DFK? Assumed there wasn’t much to the game until you took a peak under the hood? You’re not the only one!

The sheer amount of information to take in and absorb from both a crypto point of view as well as a GameFi point of view is already significantly vast. So, in order to get the most out of your experience, we’ve started collecting a series of the best guides from around the internet to help you out.

Whether video is more your thing or you prefer a good step-by-step you don’t need a pair of headphones for, we’ll try to keep you covered here.

Getting Started

Have a look at our collection of guides to help you get started here.


Have a look at all the best Infographics the community has put together here.

The BETA Site

Are you on the BETA site yet? If not, why not? Check out more information about it here.


Questing comes in many forms, with many forms yet to be released. Check them out here.


Wen eggs? Wot eggs? All gathered information on Eggs to be found here.


Have a look at all the latest information on crafting here.

DFK Duel

It’s not PVP, it’s just a minigame. And it’s fun – when you win! Read about it here.

The Raffle Master

All the information you could need about the new raffle system can be found here.