DFK Lore

The amount of Lore that is and will be available in DFK is and will continue to be one of the most interesting aspects of the game side of DeFi Kingdoms.

Some Lore will be available to everyone ingame, just by clicking around the various maps and areas available to us. Some Lore will be made available as a series of ingame, “seasonal” books.

Through this section of DFK Eggspert, I hope to be able to detail where to find the Lore and – if you wish to fight through the spoiler warnings – read the available Lore right here. Because let’s be honest – not everyone will complete every set of pages and be able to complete their books. Nor should it be easy enough to enable everyone to be able to complete the books on each season – they wouldn’t feel like an achievement if they were purely attendance awards.

Owning the books ingame and knowing what the books say are two very different things, though. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to collect everything, you are the envy of many! But the Lore in DFK is just far too well written not to be available to everyone if they want to read it.

We’ll see!