FAQ Where Can I Find the Current Price of Jewel?

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Where Can I Find the Current Price of Jewel?

(From the DFK Docs)

You can see the current price and market cap of JEWEL and CRYSTAL in the game by clicking on your profile picture.


From the Eggspert

There are loads of ways to track the price of Jewel, or Crystal for that matter. The ingame one that the docs suggest is one way, but it’s not what I’d consider the fastest way.

For me, I check it on the Discord, as there’s a bot that’s at the top of the username list that has the price of Jewel and the price of Crystal on a carousel ticker.

(screengrab taken during the best Jewel buying opportunity since launch)

Which should be, by dafault on the right hand side of the screen if using the desktop application of Discord. If you’re on your phone, you’ll need to “swipe left” on the chat screen to bring up the list of usernames.

You can also track the price of Jewel using various DEX sites as well that track the coin. A couple of the main ones are CoinGecko or coinbase which will also let you track the price history of the coin as well, to show you a graph that looks like this:

And that should just about cover you!