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Pets are the newest set of NFTs available in DeFi Kingdoms. They are, in effect, the first piece of ‘equipment’ we’ve seen in so much as these Pets can be equipped to the Hero NFTs in order to enhance them and improve aspects of their performance. We don’t know exactly what bonuses they provide yet (although there is some insight here) but we do know that in order for the Pets to provide bonuses, we’re going to need to feed them.

What We Know So Far

“how often will we need to feed pets”

So we know for definite that we’ll need to feed pets. We know it won’t be every day, and we know that it’ll require plants and fish. And whilst I’ve been unable to find the screenshot (gonna have to trust me), it’ll be existing plants and fish that are used towards feeding.

Alpha Dropped in Austin

Whereas we previously believed that pets would be eating actual plants and fish, from the quest loot of Foraging and Fishing, it now seems that these existing loot items would instead be used to ‘craft’ a new kind of token – a “treat”.

Same with DFK, we need to feed the pets to get these special and unique buffs and bonuses on the heroes that they are attached to. That will come by way of treats. Treats will be made by consuming parts of the game that come from questing.

Dreamer, Austin Texas, DCentralCon 8th June ’22

Speggulation on Feeding

So we still don’t know for certain what tokens will be used for creating ‘treats’. But, let’s take a look at the options:

It’s unlikely going to be any of these tokens. The Ironscale, Lantern-Eye, Rockroot and Darkweed all have use as part of the Hatching process, so it’s unlikely that they’d be given additional utility towards creating treats. Besides, they don’t look particularly appetising.

Let’s look at the drop rates for loot:

I would say therefore that it’s unlikely to be the Silverfin, Sail Fish, Shimmerskin, Goldvein or Swift-Thistle based on the fact that they each have an approximately 1% drop rate in the current Level 0 Profession Quests. Of course, when the Level 10 Profession Quests drop this number might increase significantly making them more viable. But as they’re also worth the most gold, it might be that these are mostly for-profit items only.

So what does that leave us?

Of these, Ambertaffy is the rarest with a 4% and is already used in crafting recipes for the Anti-poison Potion, the Full Health Potion and the Toughness Potion, as well as in the crafting of the Lesser Chaos Stone. This leaves Bloaters, Red Gills, Ragweed and Red Leafs that currently don’t have any use case within DFK.

Why not Gardening materials?

There are only three unique types of materials found in Gardening – the Bluestem, the Spiderfruit and Milkweed.

Given that we know that the two eggs we’ve seen released so far have required two ‘burn’ tokens to hatch eggs, if Gardening follows the same pattern it would be the Bluestem and Spiderfruit – Milkweed is again just that little bit too rare to be a sustainable source of food. There’s no guarantee that it will follow the same pattern, because what would we use to hatch yellow or gold eggs that wasn’t just more gold? And they already cost quite enough of that!

The Bloater Theory

It has long been part of a series of memes that Bloaters would be the sacrificial food of the pets. And in fact, in a bowl outside the Hatchery where Jarek is holding what appears to be two chickens, there sits a Bloater fish.

Is that an homage to all the memes? Is it confirmation of what has been suspected for a while? We don’t know, but given the lack of use case for bloaters so far, it would be very surprising if they weren’t at least part of the ingredients for Pet Treats. Given that there’s more than twice as many Bloaters as any other loot item, similarly with Ragweed, I’d suggest these were the main two ingredients for pet food.

Frequency of Feeding

When Hubert said that feeding wouldn’t be a daily occurrence, I just assumed it would be weekly. But, all things considered, a week is a fairly arbitrary time frame to repeat actions within DFK. MrZipper posited that it could easily be a three day or five day cycle.

One other thing that was mentioned that I can’t find the quote on Discord for now is that pets would either provide a bonus, or not, depending on whether they’d been fed. So the bonuses won’t scale depending on how hungry they are.

I’ve reasoned that in order to track the feeding of pets and determine whether they’re hungry and need to be fed, it’s likely that there’d be a progress bar or some kind of visible representation to indicate this. This could be like a stamina bar that, when it gets to zero, would indicate the pet was hungry. Or it could be a countdown clock similar to the summoning cooldown timer on Heroes.

Supporting this theory is something else MrZipper identified, in that in the data set pertaining to Pets in the API, there’s a data field called “hungryAt”. This supports the theory that hunger is relative to when a Pet was fed, rather than it being a Sunday to feed pets, which would be both arbitrary and ambiguous.

It was confirmed in an AMA by Hubert that feeding pets would amount to a length of time, not by number of quests taken part in. This means that it’ll be slightly more cost effective for people using stam pots as you won’t need to feed the pets more often just because you’ve quested a bunch of times in quick success through the use of stamina potions. I say ‘slightly’ as feeding pets shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive, as you’ll be earning rewards faster anyway through the Level 10 Profession Quests.

Cost of Feeding

It might not be as simple as “Pet eat Bloater Treat” or “Pet eat Ragweed Treat”, as there was some suggestion from Hubert that the cost of feeding pets might make it “unprofitable” to equip and feed pets to Heroes that aren’t sufficiently levelled. Now we know already that Heroes will have to be Profession Score 10 in order to take part in the Level 10 Profession Quests, but there’s a graph here that Hubert shared that was interesting:

But also had this to say:

So from this, it might not be as cheap as chips to feed pets. So a Hero that’s just passed the Profession Score 10 mark with crap profession stats (remember it’s LCK+AGI for Fishing and DEX+INT for Foraging) might not find it cost-effective to feed a pet with a Common profession bonus. That’s not to say that you automatically shouldn’t do it, because the XP bonuses you get from questing the higher tier of quests AND the XP boost you get from equipping a pet should boost your ranks pretty quickly.

And, like the L0PQs, when you first start doing them you increase your profession score pretty quickly. It’s only as your Prof Score heads towards 10 (and beyond) that it starts slowing down – you hit boost less often and by small increments. The L10PQs are designed to boost your Prof Score beyond 10 and well into the 20s, so we might find that our profession scores get quickly boosted by the L10PQs if our heroes are sitting with low qualifying Prof Scores. This effectively means that it hopefully wouldn’t take long for even the lower scoring heroes to start turning a profit with pets and so might be worth taking the initial loss in order to secure a greater yield sooner rather than later.


A lot of this is speggulation derived from observable data, which to be honest isn’t very much in places. Either way, it shouldn’t be too long before we see the L10PQs and the ability to equip our pets. DFK Duels is released on the 15th June and with “Level 10 Fishing and Foraging” currently on the Roadmap for “Q3”, it might not be until early July that we see this feature launched, but that still isn’t very long in the grand scheme.

Either way, I hope this offered some insight! Comment below if you’ve seen anything relating to Pet Feeding that I’ve missed!

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