Fiat Minecraft

I wouldn’t say I was obsessed with DFK or anything, today my RL avatar went on its first day down a new fiat mine.

Early impressions are not great. When I arrived, there were issues with my accounts so I was stuck on a loading screen for a couple of hours. It didn’t have any music, either.

I met an NPC who I think works for my new boss. I guess it’s too early in the game for my boss to actual reveal himself first. I expect there’ll be some mystery built up about the character before I get to see him, but unless he’s me and I’ve been dead this whole time, I don’t know why that’s being delayed.

When the game finally finished loading, I had to play through the tutorial. There was no option to skip this, which was a little disappointing. It was information-heavy and without context I didn’t take much of it in – I just hope that certain parts of the lore will be made available again as I continue to play through the game.

After getting through the unnecessarily long tutorial, I was then sent on my first missions! They were simple fetch-quests – go speak to an NPC on one side of the map to retrieve items to bring to another NPC on the other side of the map. I really hope the difficulty starts to ramp up soon as without the incentive of more varied content to come, grinding out these short side missions will likely wear thin.

The lunch quest took too long. It involved crossing a great deal of the map, only to find the tavern closed. The chef NPC offered to make lunch, but my RNG was rubbish so all I got was a tuna sandwich. It didn’t even have mayo. I didn’t get any xp for that whatsoever, so I felt a little annoyed it had taken such a long time to complete.

I tested out the ingame messaging system for a bit. I haven’t had any replies yet so I’m not sure how active any of the other players are. I really hope this isn’t going to be one of those situations where the server is just full of bots. Having some fellow players to interact with would make for a much better experience overall. Can’t compete with code!

I gave it a good eight hours of solid play time today. I’ll try it again tomorrow to see if I can progress further into the game but so far the signs aren’t entirely positive!

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