Hero Duels Announcement at Avalance Summit

AVAX Presentation, Barcelona, 24rd March ’22, write-up found here.

So Hero Duels really took everyone by surprise. It wasn’t something that had been announced before the big alpha drop at the AVAX summit, and wasn’t included on any road maps. But, it’s definitely exciting as it means there will be ways for heroes to compete with one another outside of the planned PVP format, and without the requirement to compete in groups of three. Here’s what the team had to say about it at the summit:

Frisky Fox — I think we’ll sneak in one last thing right?

Dreamer — we have one more thing. It’s called DFK Duel. With our really impressive roadmap and a really impressive roadmap coming up. We saw an opportunity to fill int he gaps with mini features like leader boards and pets but also side games. Our first side game we are going to announce is called Hero Duels. You’ll be able to take your cards, queue up against another player and duel them in a simplified but very strategic way. We’ll have leaderboards associated with this as well. Not only to make it competitive and fun but also to juice up those rewards. So look out for Hero Duels.

Frisky Fox — So excited, you can win a Gen0 from something like this. We’ll close it up now.

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