Is Gaia’s Boon Worth It?



Longer Answer

Imagine a lottery ticket costs $2. But as it’s a rollover, you actually want to buy a second ticket. Double your chances, right? But when you go to pay, the cost of two tickets is $10.

That’s roughly the difference between Gaia’s Grace and Gaia’s Boon. Only, your chances of getting a better pet aren’t even twice as good – only the chance at a Mythic is twice as good (100% better). Your chances of getting a Legendary aren’t double (only 50% better), your chances of getting a Rare aren’t double (only 33.33% better) and chances of getting an Uncommon are only 16.16% better.

For five times the amount of Jewel and Gold, I just don’t think think it’s worth it. And having to wait 24 hours for the pets to hatch isn’t a massive inconvenience compared to the 20 seconds for the Boon.

Besides… imagine paying 50J for an Egg in the Trader, 50J to hatch it (plus extra) and then getting rugged with a common pet with a single common bonus and seeing that these pets are going for 35-40J in the Hatchery. Hard pass from me. Twice bitten, etc!

Comparing Grace to Favor

Favor is the cheapest option, costing just one Jewel and 50 Gold to hatch (along with the rest of the fees which are consistent and not insignificant – see hatching costs for a full breakdown) and is therefore the most accessible option.

Costs of Grace compared to Favor is ten times the price. The Pet hatches in 24 hours for Grace compared to one week for Favor, which is – as advertised – seven times faster. But to be honest, it’s what comes out the other side that matters, not how long it takes to come out. So again let’s look at the percentages.

It’s ten times more expensive to go for Grace rather than Favor. That’s 1000% more Jewel and Gold. But, for Mythic chances, it’s 0.2% to 1%, which is five times more likely. Or 500%. At this point, the difference in price is much more proportionate than Grace to Boon. For Legendary chances, it’s 100% more likely going from Favor to Grace (2% chance going up to 4% chance), which is still okay. But Rare only goes up 20% (from 12.5% chance to 15% chance) and Uncommon only goes up 11.11% (12.5% chance to 15%).


So at the top end, it’s a more worthwhile step up in going for glory doing Favor to Grace, but at the lower end the pet rarity the difference is rather negligible. So, ultimately I’d say this was a judgement call. The extra 9 Jewel and 450 Gold isn’t as big a difference to your wallet as the extra 40J and 4500 Gold from Grace to Boon, and for higher rarities represents better value.

Ultimately it comes down to what you can afford, though. Either way, I hope you enjoy whatever pets you get as even the floor pets are fun additions to the game. And we’ll all wish we had a pet for every hero once the L10 Profession Quests come out, so don’t go hating on floor pets just yet!

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