Lesser Wit Crystal

Lesser Wit Attunement Crystal

The Lesser Wit Crystal is one of the Attunement Crystals of DeFi Kingdoms. When used during leveling, the Lesser Insight Crystal provides a +5% boost to the Intelligence Primary Stat Growth Chance and +15% to the Secondary Stat Growth Chance of the same.

Where to Find Lesser Wit Crystals

So the first round of Lesser Attunement Crystals were dropped as rewards for the hero burning event The Perilous Journey (PJ). They were rewarded to players for heroes that either survived or perished on that unique quest and at the time there was no way to get more.

They’re available to buy at the Trader in the Serendale Marketplace, but prices have been going up steadily since the initial influx from the PJ rewards as the crystals have been spent on leveling and the overall supply has dropped.

The only way these crystals can be minted/generated presently is via the Training Quests. For the Lesser Wit Crystal specifically, that would be via the Alchemist Assistance with Arnold Training Quest.

How to Use Attunement Crystals

Attunement Crystals are used as part of the leveling up process for heroes, which means you have to go see the Esoteric Wanderer at the Meditation Circle:

Serendale Meditation Circle
Crystalvale Meditation Circle

Then click on the Wanderer, and click ‘Enter the circle’

You’ll then see a screen that looks like this. You can then select the Attunement Crystal that you’d like to use. The example here is the Lesser Finesse Crystal – I’m not going to do different screenshots for all of the different kinds of crystals!

The first time you add a crystal, you’ll have to approve the contract first otherwise you’ll get an error message when trying to begin the process. You should get a message like this pop up (I’m using MetaMask in my example):

Now, don’t just click approve straight away when a message like this pops up – always check to make sure the contract you’re giving permission to a website to use is what you expect it to be. It’s fine if you recognise the website and the contract is the one you’re expecting, but do stay vigilant.

Once you’ve approved the contract, added your hero and selected your desired stats, you’re ready to begin the leveling up process!