Level 0 Fishing

From the Official Docs

“Fishing is equal parts waiting and quickly responding when you feel a lucky bite. Those with agile hands and healthy luck will find their buckets full of fish. Do you have what it takes? Increasing fishing improves the chances to catch better fish and allows Heroes to fish more often.

Fishing quests show a Stamina cost and a minimum time per attempt in the main Quest window. Heroes with Fishing as their main profession expend a reduced amount of the base Stamina cost per attempt. Groups of Heroes can be queued for Fishing Quests at the same time, and they may be queued for multiple attempts in one transaction as well. The Quest window will update with the total time requirement based on the Heroes and number of attempts selected.”

DFK Docs – https://docs.defikingdoms.com/learn/gameplay/professions

What You Need to Know

Any hero can be sent on the Level 0 Fishing quest. But, like all profession quests, some heroes are better at it than others.

For instance, the most obvious advantage is to send a hero with the Fishing gene:

For this quest, having the Fishing gene means that your hero only needs to spend 5 stamina to complete a quest. Heroes without the Fishing gene need to spend 7 stamina to complete a quest. So a new hero with the Fishing Gene can complete 5 quest attempts from a full stamina bar compared to just 3 quest attempts for a hero without the gene.

As mentioned in the general post about the Profession Quests, the Profession Score accounts for 2/3rds of the effectiveness of heroes at questing, with the correlating stats making up the other 1/3rd. For Fishing, the two key stats are Agility and Luck:

A hero with a blue stat in either Agi or Lck means that the hero has an added chance of boosting those stats at each level, but if you have a hero that’s naturally got high Agi/Lck then the blue/green/purple genes aren’t vital. They help, but there are heroes that are naturally better at some quests over others as their main primary stats coincide with specific professions:


As the Docs say, you can send heroes in groups of up to six at a time. The more heroes you send in a group, the longer the group will take to complete. You can also queue multiple groups that will start their quests automatically as soon as the previous group has finished.


As mentioned above, it takes 5 stamina per quest attempt for a hero with the Fishing gene, and 7 per quest for all other heroes. Stamina regenerates at the rate of 1 stamina per 20 minutes of recover. This is universal for stamina for any quests.


Here’s an infographic detailing the loot available for each of the Level 0 Profession quests along with the chances of these items dropping in a quest. The Gaia’s Tears and and Shvas Runes have a ranged drop rate – the higher drop rates are for heroes with the right profession gene and the lower rates are for heroes without.

Here’s links to all the individual loot items with a full breakdown of what they are and what they can be used for (with their worth in Gold to the Vendor detailed underneath)


eXPerience Points

For Fishing, the standard amount of XP your hero gains is 15xp per quest completed, so if you complete 5 quests from 25 stamina, that’s a guaranteed minimum of 75xp.

You can then get more XP based on what items you loot. Here are the loot items again with the amount of XP you get listed below:


Other Quests

You don’t have to send your heroes on Fishing quests! Take a look at other quests available here.