Level 0 Gardening

From the Official Docs

“Gardening requires the wisdom to give plants time to grow, and plants seem to respond better to those with great vitality. Gardening is primarily done within one’s own Garden, which helps speed the growth of the JEWEL plants, but visiting any garden and putting in some time can still result in some useful harvests. Increasing a Hero’s gardening skill can lead to more JEWEL rewards and higher chances to find other resources.

Gardening is a passive activity that you send Heroes to do. One Hero can visit a garden at a time. Heroes gather rewards for every 12 minutes of Gardening, as indicated on the Quest screen. Heroes with Gardening as their main profession will gather rewards every 10 minutes instead. When the player stops the Hero’s Gardening action, they will receive rewards based on how many full 12-minute (or 10-minute with Gardening skill) periods were spent.”

DFK Docs – https://docs.defikingdoms.com/learn/gameplay/professions

Beta Status

This quest could initially only be played on the Beta server. Click here to find out more about the Beta server and what it means for you. As of 12/05/22 this quest is now available on the main server.

How Gardening Works

Gardening works in a unique way among quests. Whilst you can find loot like in any other quest, the idea is that your hero earns Jewel rewards from the Gardens. For a great explanation as to how Gardening works, check out this link by Samichpunch on the Gardening quests here. There’s no point me pretending to understand any of that and trying to write my own guide, I’m just collecting information in its best form and sharing it with you. The billy-basics are: the more you have in one of the Garden LPs, the higher the rewards you can get by sending Gardeners to those gardens.

What You Need to Know

Any hero can be sent on the Level 0 Gardening quest. But, like all profession quests, some heroes are better at it than others.

For instance, the most obvious advantage is to send a hero with the Gardening gene:

For this quest, having the Gardening gene means that your hero only takes 10 minutes on a quest per stamina spent. Heroes without the Gardening gene take 12 minutes per stamina spent. So a new hero with the Gardening Gene takes four hours and ten minutes to empty a stamina bar compared to five hours for a hero without the gene.

As mentioned in the general post about the Profession Quests, the Profession Score accounts for 2/3rds of the effectiveness of heroes at questing, with the correlating stats making up the other 1/3rd. For Gardening, the two key stats are Wisdom and Vitality:

A hero with a blue stat in either Wis or Int means that the hero has an added chance of boosting those stats at each level, but if you have a hero that’s naturally got high Wis/Vit then the blue/green/purple genes aren’t vital. They help, but there are heroes that are naturally better at some quests over others as their main primary stats coincide with specific professions:


Right now, in the form of the current quests, you can only send one hero at a time per garden to the Serendale gardens, but you can still queue your heroes up.

A new version of the Gardening quest is being worked upon and to upgrade some things behind the scenes, and also to allow more heroes to quest together in groups. No info on when this new version will be available yet, but it will be pushed to the main site when it’s ready (as opposed to only being available on the beta site).


Here’s an infographic detailing the loot available for each of the Level 0 Profession quests along with the chances of these items dropping in a quest. The Gaia’s Tears and and Shvas Runes have a ranged drop rate – the higher drop rates are for heroes with the right profession gene and the lower rates are for heroes without.

Here’s links to all the individual loot items with a full breakdown of what they are and what they can be used for (with their worth in Gold to the Vendor detailed underneath)


eXPerience Points

We now have the formula for Gardening XP:

Experience gained = 4*ticCount + 6*floor(ticCount/5) + 10*PlantDiscoveryCount + 10*SuccessfulTearRolls + 30*RunesFound + 100*EggsFound

(Good luck)

So effectively you get XP just for questing before you find any loot items (Tears, Runes, Eggs etc), but then you can get more XP based on what items you loot as well. Here are the loot items again with the amount of XP you get listed below:


Other Quests

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