Moksha Rune

What does a Moksha Rune do?

They’re used to level heroes, at least from Level 10 to Level 20, which can be accomplished in Serendale via the Meditation Circle. See infographic below to show the costs of leveling heroes (in runes and Jewels). The other rune seen on this infographic is the Shvas rune. Click here to see more information about that.

If the Moksha Rune follows the same pattern as the Shvas Rune, it could be that the Moksha Rune is used for leveling heroes from 21-30 as well, but it’s too early to tell at this stage if that will be the case.

Where Do You Find a Moksha Rune?

Some Moksha Runes were initially given away as prizes for heroes who survived the Perilous Journey. As such, the only way to get one initially was to try to buy them from the Trader in the Marketplace. Good old Matoya.

They were intended as loot that could be dropped from the Level 10 Profession Quests in order to help heroes level up once they’d outgrown the initial quests available, but as of 28/04/22 these hadn’t been released yet.
Or 04/28/22 for you backwards American types.
Or does the year go first?
Who even knows.