Medium Extract – Hero Duels – 21 May 22

In what has been the single biggest drop of alpha about Hero Duels yet, DFK published a Medium article covering both Hero Duels (which they are referring to as DFK Duels) and some more information about Pets.

To read the article, click here.

The Game Master

First thing we get is a new NPC:

Original caption: “The Game Master waits patiently in the Marketplace for his next Duel!”

Which, by my reckoning, places him in the lower left corner of the Marketplace:



A quick photoshop placing him in the lower left corner, because why not.

The Devil is in the Details

“Duels can be fought in groups of 1, 3, or 9 Heroes, with varying levels of rewards for each tier. As you win matches, your score will increase and you will climb the ranks, facing ever more challenging opponents.”

So this is new information. Previously, we only knew of the ability to compete in 1v1 card battles, so the fact that there are more varieties to this is huge! It is great that they are still doing the 1v1 battles as a lot of players who are just beginning their DFK journey don’t necessarily have a collection of heroes to fight with.

“There is a brand new matchmaking system, which pairs players in lobbies based on their rank. Winners of duels will earn Raffle Tickets, which can be used to enter multiple raffles (hourly, daily, and weekly) to win prizes!”

This is also new information. Previously it was uncertain what players would be competing for, or what incentive there would be to participate (beyond it being awesome and bragging rights, etc). The matchmaking system had been suggested before, and it’ll be curious to see how that works.

A certain other third party application uses a pooling system, with all heroes level 1 to 4 able to fight against one another, and then all heroes level 5 to 9 in a different pool, etc. Whilst this prevents heroes that are level 1 fighting heroes that are level 9, it still means the system is easily gamed by entering in single heroes at level 4 or level 9 for the maximum chances of winning. Hopefully there’s a more technical solution being looked into by the official DFK product.

I’m curious as to whether the above image suggests that all duels will have unique IDs and can therefore be viewed, via some sort of catalogue, by anyone. This would be fantastic as it would allow for people to easily immerse themselves in the Duels without necessarily having to take part themselves.

Also good for bragging rights if you win. I’m curious in the future whether it would be possible to arrange private duels and challenge specific people. Time will tell!

“Heroes will get bonuses based on their elements, card backgrounds, and stats, so make sure to send your best teams in! We are working to provide a more in depth guide going over all the details of DFK Duel! Stay tuned!”

So we’d been told previously at some point that the ‘elements’ and ‘backgrounds’ of a hero’s card would come into play later in the game, but historically this was associated with the upcoming PVE and PVP element of the game. Whilst Duels are player vs player, it’s not the same version of PVP which is due to come out later in the year. It’s interesting that these components are coming into play so early and it might start playing a bigger factor into how players Buy or Summon heroes. More to come on that later!

Also exciting is the amount of detail going into the guides that accompany new releases of DFK now. Before the Training Quests, new features were generally just thrown into a ravenous pit of eager players and left for people to work it out for themselves (or wait until Samichpunch of MrZipper told them how to use them). This is a great improvement to DFK and makes uptake on new features significantly easier!

This is a fun preview of what the Duels are going to look like. If you see the elements in the centre of the bottom there, it looks like they’re may work a bit like Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock – but we’ll have to wait and see.


Ultimately we’ve had to wait a while for heroes to have more utility than just questing, as fun and productive as that can be for NFTs. I mean, how many other NFTs can earn you money without having to sell them on? The little money printers!

This is set to be a great milestone in the DFK journey and we can’t wait for this to drop in June 22!

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