Medium Extract – Pets Update – 21 May 22

Some massive, massive intel dropped on Pets ahead of the projected launch of 25 May 22. Was released at the same time as some info about Hero Duels, and is probably the biggest single intel drop on Pets we have yet.

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The Hatchening is Coming Soon

Pictured: Maybe not Jarek (New NPC?), some chickens and a bloater.

“Jarek is skilled in the ways of coaxing Gaia’s energies into an egg, and provides the choice of three different offerings that Gaia can provide. Each offering has a different cost associated with it, with incubation time, and shiny and rarity chances improving for the higher cost options.”

We already knew that there was going to be an incubation time based on previous information and AMA info drops, but this is the first of us knowing that there’d be different options/costs involved for chances at spawning higher rarity and shiny pets.

Also, the post mentions Jarek, but we know what Jarek looks like and that ain’t quite him. Quick reminder as to Jarek’s original appearance:

It might be him, it might not. It might be that there’s a uniform for Hatchery workers. Excited to see either way! Anyway…

This tiered pricing system is interesting. I can imagine the prices for Gaia’s Grace and Gaia’s Boon being exceptionally high, otherwise everyone would just select Gaia’s Boon every time. Gotta have those Mythic pets…

“Pets come in a great variety of shapes and sizes. Rarity will play a role in what kind of pet you can find, and even within a given rarity there are rare variant appearances to find! But that is not all. The utility of pets comes from what they provide to the Heroes that own and feed them.”

Feed pets? Tamagotchis confirmed! I just really hope I can keep any pets I have alive for longer than 3 days. Also hoping we don’t have to clean up pet poop. It’ll be interesting to see what it is we have to feed pets, but if the picture above is anything to go by, it might well be fish…

“Each pet will have a guaranteed Profession bonus, and have a chance at receiving a combat or crafting bonus (or both!) based on their rarity. Furthermore, each bonus itself has a rarity tier which is indicated by the number of stars next to the icon. Unlike pets and Heroes, pet bonuses only have three rarity tiers: Common (1 star), Rare (2 stars), and Mythic (3 stars). The chance of getting higher rarity bonuses is tied to the rarity of the pet.”

I think having different rarities for pets AND different rarities for abilities is a great thing. This also confirmed that while the pet bonuses would only have three tiers of rarity, the pets themselves would have five (which would include Uncommon and Legendary, presumably). I’m still gonna end up with nothing but Common Pets with single Common bonuses because I angered RNGesus in a previous life.

Also while we knew that pets would support heroes in PVE/PVP – having them offer support in crafting as well is actually a big deal. Will this mean that players get discounts at The Alchemist or Stone Carver? I hope so – the Stone Carver costs a fortune.

“The initial pet release will come with some caveats. First, only grey and blue eggs will be supported at launch. Creating art for all of these pets is a monumental task, and our art team is still hard at work on the art for the other three eggs. Second, pet bonuses will be set to placeholders until the respective features are closer to launch. In the case of profession bonuses, the wait will not be long. They are planned to be implemented along with the release of the level 10 Fishing and Foraging quests. For all bonuses that contain a placeholder, you will be able to see the rarity and type of bonuses (combat, profession, crafting, etc.) that the pet has, but not the details of what the bonus actually does. Here is a sneak peak of some of the bonuses available:

Increased chance of finding runes
– Increased experience gains
– Extra item rolls
– Skill improvements
And more!”

We already knew that the Blue and Grey Eggs would be the first that owners could take to the Hatchery. We also knew that the first of the Level 10 Profession Quests would be limited to Fishing and Foraging, so this tracks. The bonuses offered look like they’ll be great though and really gives an indication as to how much depth DFK is going to have within the world of questing going forward. A lot of people see questing as placeholder activity before PVE and PVP comes out, but it’s got so much to it that we’ll need to keep investing in as the game goes on. As we’ll always need loot to craft with to aid our heroes in combat, having bonuses applied to questing will make them enormously useful in the long term.

And those bonuses look sexy AF.

“This feature will also launch with a trade-in mechanic to put up two unwanted pets for adoption by townsfolk in exchange for one new egg.”

A floor pet burn function will be of great interest to a lot of people, especially people like me who’ll have nothing but common/common pet derivatives. It also sets a wonderfully interesting precedent for a similar hero burning feature in the future, which is often asked about and skirted around during AMAs.

Just for info:

“The current plan is for green and yellow eggs to be ready next, with gold eggs finishing off the collection.”


This was a butt-tonne of information dropped about pets and more than we’ve had in any of the AMAs to date. Will continue to keep the Upcoming Features – Pets section updated before having a full post covering all the pet information I can get my hands on.

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