Official DFK Team AMAs


The earliest recorded AMA was on September 12th 2021. Since then, each week (and sometimes more often, occasionally but infrequently missing a week) the team has hosted a live Q and A session designed to directly address some of the questions the community has about the project. Naturally, not every question has an answer and some questions don’t have the general appeal suited for a public discussion. I.e. some questions are just best asked and answered in DMs. Not that it stops everyone from asking, but I digress!

Joining in Live

If you want to catch the AMAs live, they’re held typically on Monday nights on the DFK Discord (click here if you aren’t already on the Discord) and if you have a question, you can put your hand up and be called up to “the stage” (they give you speaking permissions in the channel) and you can put your question directly to the team. Or, if you don’t want to get up “on stage”, you can write your question in the #ama-questions channel on the Discord and submit it for consideration to be answered.

AMA Write-Ups

If you can’t catch an AMA live but still want to know what was covered, asked and answered, you can catch the write-up that is typically dropped shortly after the AMA has ended. These are written by community member Samichpunch – he started writing them up on Reddit but switched to Medium as his chosen platform a few months later. He’s built up a massive following of over 3,000 subscribers and his contributions to collective project awareness cannot be understated.

To catch up on any AMAs you might have missed in the written form, check this out:

Twitter:Β @SamichpunchΒ |Β Discord: Samichpunch#2518 |Β Reddit:Β u/Taelim

AMA Videos

If you want to listen to the AMA back after the fact, you can go to the DeFi Kingdoms YouTube page and there’s a playlist specifically for the AMAs.

To see the list of videos available that cover previous AMAs, click here.

AMAs on the Eggspert

Due to the vast amount of information that’s often shared in the AMAs, I try to break it down where I can and amend existing sections of the website to reflect the latest information, or I try to create new entries for upcoming features in the relevant section of the site. One of the main objectives of DFK Eggspert is to stay on top of developments and announcements and pool all the resources in one place, which includes AMAs. If you want to learn anything about some Upcoming Features, simply click the menu at the top of the page.