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Pets launched on the 25th May 2022 and was the third biggest expansion to game content since Heroes in Serendale and the launch of Crystalvale.

It adds a whole new dynamic to the game whereby it enhances the hero cards we already have available to us and will offer bosts to questing, PVE and PVP later down the road. Not everything was available from the point of launch so this website will get updated as and when new information is released.

Pet Variety

At the initial point of launch, between the Blue and Grey Eggs there were a total of 273 pet variations spread across 38 pet families. This includes variations by colour, rarity and commonality.

There are the standard five rarities (broken down below), but also a sub-class of rarity called “Odd”, which is simply a visual rarity within a ‘pet family’. These are less common even than Mythic pets and can be found on different Pet Rarities from Common up to Mythic.

Also if you hit the i for information on each card, it gives some fun lore on each pet type.

For more information on Pet Variety (including a full breakdown of Pet Types and the variants therein), click here.

Pet Rarity

Pets, like heroes, have five levels of rarity.


But whereas each hero class can be ranked from Common to Mythic, Pet Varieties are tied to set rarities in each instance. So, for instance, a Brown Wolf Pup can only ever be Common, and a Dreamstone Dire Wolf can only ever be Mythic.

Pet rarity will appear in the top right hand corner of the hero card. The rarity of the cards determine things like what class of pets within Pet Tree you get, how many bonuses the pets get and what rarity the pet bonuses will be.

A Common Pet can roll up to two Pet Bonuses – one guaranteed Profession Bonus and one random other. These bonuses will only have a Common (one star) rarity.

An Uncommon Pet can roll up to two Pet Bonuses, including a Profession Bonus and one random other. The maximum Pet Bonus Rarity for an Uncommon Pet is ‘Rare’ (two stars).

A Rare Pet will have two Pet Bonuses, including a Profession Bonus and one random other. These can roll anything from a Common to a Mythic (three stars).

A Legendary Pet will have between two and three Pet Bonuses, including a guaranteed Profession Bonus and up to two random other Pet Bonuses. These can all range from a Common Pet Bonus to a Mythic.

A Mythic Pet will have three Pet Bonuses, including one Profession Bonus. The minimum rarity for a Pet Bonus on a Mythic Pet is Rare (two stars).

Number of Bonuses per Rarity of Pet

Rarity of Bonuses per Rarity of Pet

Pet Bonuses

Unlike Pet Rarity, which has the standard five rarities, the Pet Bonuses only have three rarities – Common (one star), Rare (two star) or Mythic (three stars).


Each pet will have a guaranteed Profession Bonus (referred to a Gathering Bonus in the Pet Catalog). So far, only Fishing and Foraging Profession Bonuses are available – after the Green and Yellow Eggs go live we’ll be able to those to this section, along with the Gold Egg bonuses which will have it’s own “special pool” of bonues.


And then in addition to the Gathering Bonuses, we’ve also got Crafting Bonuses and a Combat Bonus. Curiously, the Combat Bonus is listed in a category called ‘Other’, suggesting there will be more types of bonuses in the future. Also so far, there’s a Leatherworking and Blacksmithing Crafting Bonus listed on the Filter but so far have appeared 0 times in any hatchings, so they’ll probably be available at a later date. So far we have Combat, Goldsmithing, Woodworking, Tailoring and Armorsmithing.

As for the number of different bonuses available, Hubert was quoted saying:

I will say that right now we are still finalizing the bonuses, but I feel comfortable saying that each bonus rarity category has over 10 possible varieties.

Hubert, Discord, Pet Discussion – 25/05/22

For more information about Pet Bonuses, click here (though – there’s really not much to share at this stage).

Pet Trading

Pet trading was launched from the moment the Hatchery Opened. Though a little less intuitive than the Hero Tavern, it was made instant use out of by people looking to sell their pets for Jewel.

You can search for pets by Rarity, number of Pet Bonuses and by type of Pet Bonus. And you can search whether a pet card is “shiny” or not. Hey, it matters to some people!

For a full guide on how to sell your pets, click here.

It’s also been confirmed that you will be able to trade in two Pets for a new Egg at the Hatchery. That feature is almost ready to launch but wasn’t quite ready for 25th May.

Equipping Pets to Heroes

In order for Pets to provide utility, they have to be equipped to a Hero NFT. A Hero can have a maximum of one Pet equipped at a time, and equipping a Pet to a Hero is not a permanent thing. You will be able to unequip a Pet in order to equip them to a different Hero NFT, but there will be a cooldown between making that transfer.

When sending heros off on quests, it’s also been confirmed that every hero in a party of six can have its own pet equipped. You can enter a Hero that has a Pet equipped into the upcoming DFK Duels feature, but Pets will not play a role in these matches. Every hero that enters into the future PVE or PVP tournaments can have a pet equipped.

Feeding Pets

Pets will require feeding in order to provide bonuses to heroes. It’s been revealed that feeding won’t be a “daily task”, that it will require “fish and plants” and use “existing materials”, not a new token. More information will appear here as soon as it is available.

Pet Backgrounds

The backgrounds of the Pet cards so far have no specified purpose beyond looking dope AF. For Hero NFTs, it’s been revealed that a Hero’s backgrounds will play a factor in to PVP and DFK Duels, so we might see some utility for Pet Backgrounds in the future.

Here’s a list of the available backgrounds so far:

“Stillwood Meadow” by secondbestdad
“Forest Trail” by secondbestdad
“Swamp of Eoxis” by secondbestdad
“Vithraven Outskirts” by secondbestdad
“Path of Fire” by secondbestdad
“Reyalin Mountain Pass” by atlasprkr
“Adelyn Side Street” by anonymous
“Bloater Falls” by secondbestdad
“Haywood Farmstead” by atlasprkr
“Inner Grove” 0xFezz
“Vuhlmira Ruins” secondbestdad

Pet Elements

There are currently four Pet Elements. It is, for the time being, unclear as to what purpose they’ll serve. We know that Hero Elements factor into Duels, PVE and PVP, so who knows. Watch this space!


Seasonal Pets

All of the pets available at the time of launch are known as ‘Season 1’ pets. There is no firm plan in place for how long a season will last. Hubert has said:

“The concept is a different season would have different pet appearances and potentially other things. So some pet appearances may never show up again after the end of a season”

Artist Credits

Clicking the ‘i’ on each pet card also shows artist credits for the Pet Art, the Background Art and the Card Art: