Pet Bonuses

Broadly speaking, Pets will have great utility to heroes as the game evolves. With the Pet Bonuses – hardly any of which have been confirmed, and none of them applicable until at least the launch of the Level 10 Profession Quests – we will see bonuses to Questing, Crafting, PVE and PVP.

The rarity of these bonuses will affect the degree to which they enhance thesAlso,e four basic principles. So, with Pet Bonuses being divided into Common, Rare and Mythic (or one, two or three stars), expect several scaling bonuses that have varying affects on how successful our heroes are at doing what they do.

This page will eventually have actual content that covers what that utility will be. Meanwhile, please enjoy a gif of the new character model for Isabelle. Yara who?

Here’s a few bonuses that we have been told about:

– Increased chance of finding runes
– Increased experience gains
– Extra item rolls
– Skill improvements
– Improved drop rate for Eggs

New Info from Austin DCentral Expo

So now we know that each pet gives an XP boost to the hero questing (new info), pets will require ‘Treats’ to be fed in order to give the bonuses (low-key crafting it seems), and there’s a new bonus type “Profession Reassignment”. In what was described as a ‘rare bonus’, some pets will grant the ability to give the “profession gene bonuses” to off-profession heroes. As in, a Mining pet with this bonus can effectively give Gardening, Fishing and Foraging heroes the Mining gene bonuses whilst the pet is equipped to that hero and whilst it is fed sufficiently.

Hubert also had this to say:

“So you could get a bonus for something on one pet that is like a 10% increase, and that same bonus type on a different pet could be 20% increase.”

“And most bonuses have a random scalar attached to it that adjusts the bonus further.”

“I will say that right now we are still finalizing the bonuses, but I feel comfortable saying that each bonus rarity category has over 10 possible varieties.”

Yeah, 10 possible varieties per bonus rarity categories. Exciting times.

Pet Bonus Breakdown

(will add to this section once bonuses are revealed, just getting things ready)

Gathering Bonuses

Fishing Bonuses

All ‘Gathering Bonuses’ pertaining to the Fishing profession:

Foraging Bonuses

All ‘Gathering Bonuses’ pertaining to the Foraging profession:

Crafting Bonuses

Goldsmithing Bonuses

All ‘Crafting Bonuses’ pertaining to Goldsmithing:

Woodworking Bonuses

All ‘Crafting Bonuses’ pertaining to Woodworking:

Tailoring Bonuses

All ‘Crafting Bonuses’ pertaining to Tailoring:

Armorsmithing Bonuses

All ‘Crafting Bonuses’ pertaining to Armorsmithing:

Other Bonuses

Combat Bonuses

All ‘Other Bonuses’ pertaining to Combat: