Pet Trade-In

What is Pet Trade-In?

Pet Trade-In is a new NFT-burning feature that’s been introduced to enable players to trade in two pets they don’t want for a fresh pet egg and a chance at something they might want.

The two pets you “give to the Hatchery” are “sent to live on a farm somewhere”. As in, the NFTs are effectively burnt. It’s a bit graphic that we can burn our pets, but remember – they’re not real animals. We think.

Is it Worth It?


No, not straight away. I can explain why, but uhh… that’ll require more words.


The Stronghold Version

So right now floor pets are in the catalog for 19J. These are common pets with a single common bonus. Anything with a Rare+ bonus is definitely worth keeping regardless and the floor price for anything with two common bonuses is around 60J.

It’s simple maths. You trade in your two pets, in exchange you get an egg. If your two pets are worth more than the cost of an egg, you’d be better selling the pets and buying an egg from the Trader. At the time of launch, Blue and Grey eggs were sitting at around 29-35J.

So, the formula is:
If (Pet1 floor price+Pet2 floor price) > Price of Egg from Trader

If you can get more Jewel for selling your pets than the egg you receive is worth, why on earth would you trade them in? Sell the pets, be a bit patient for them to shift, buy new egg and have spare Jewel. Which you can then use towards hatching costs.

There is, however, an argument to be made for the cost of convenience. Yeah, you can put your pets on the market at floor price but if everyone does that, one of two things is going to happen: either nobody can sell their pets because it’s being inundated with single common pets, or the floor price will be driven down and it’ll change the outcome of the above equation. So there’s something to be said for being able to turn two pets into one egg in under a minute, rather than having to wait for pets to sell, then go to the trader and hope that the egg price is still roughly the same as when you put the pets in the tavern.

So, yeah. Definitely nothing above a single bonus common pet, but for the rest of it? Maybe 4-8J saved by going the tavern route, against having a pet delivered instantly.

Your call.

How to Trade-In Your Pets

If you must trade your pets in because you skipped the last section (or because everyone burned their floor pets the floor price has gone up and changed the result of the formula), here’s what to do. It’s simple enough that you don’t really need a guide, but don’t say that I’m not good to you.

Nice new menu option at the bottom there.

What’s worth noting about Pet Trade-Ins is that you don’t have to trade in two pets of the same egg colour or from the same profession. If you trade in two pets of the same egg colour, that’s the egg colour you’re going to receive. If you trade in two different egg colours, it’s 50/50 which egg colour you get back. Love a bit of RNG in DFK.

Select your first pet. Bye bye Hermit Crab, Pet ID #3560.
Select your second pet. Bye bye Basilisk Kid, Pet ID #18241.

Oh, you have to approve the trade-in.

Start the Trade-In by clicking…. you know what? You’ve got it from here.
Wait patiently for about 20 seconds. 20 seconds seems to be the new ‘Instantaneous’.

Woohoo! A brand new pet egg! That cost me 38 in lost floor pets. And I’m still gonna have to pay to hatch again.

Wen free Boon or at least free Grace for traded in pets to offset the value of trading pets in?

Anyway, good luck with your hatches and I hope you enjoy your new pets!