Post-FUD Healing in DeFi Kingdoms

(Spoiler alert: it’s a long post. It’s not compulsory reading and doesn’t apply to everyone)

Some Background

So just recently the community and project of DeFi Kingdoms was subjected to an organised FUD campaign designed to try and derail the project.

What’s FUD, you say? It’s an acronym – it stands for “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt”. It’s commonly used to describe the actions of individuals or groups of individuals who, through toxicity and misinformation, attempt to shake or destroy the confidence of investors in a project. This can be done for many reasons, either just out of spite or most commonly to try to manipulate the market for personal gain.

It would be pointless to go into too much detail about the nature of this recent wave of fud as the project has come out of the other side, stronger in some ways for it. Besides, I’m sure most of it would be dismissed in a court of law as speculation or hearsay. Innit, Amber?

The Current Problem

The position the project is in now is a lot stronger. The team surrendered a lot of its anonymity and with a shift towards legitimising the team behind the armour of company registration there’s significantly fewer baseless accusations that can be made. The devs kept building throughout, we’ve had CV Gen0’s, the Stone Carver, Training Quests and are about to get Pets. The game is going from strength to strength.

The community took a bit of a beating, though. It’s hard to describe the effects it’s had without sounding totally melodramatic. But, for context, there was this massive project that we all knew and loved and were personally and financially invested in… and it was being attacked. And worst of all, not only could we see it happen, we could see who was doing it. It was, for lack of a better word, a traumatic experience.

As with any experience that could be described as traumatic, it’s left some scars. As a community, we see signs that we are collectively less trusting, less forgiving and certainly less patient. Too quick are we, sometimes, to assume fud and react defensively. We see terms that previously wouldn’t have bothered us, like “project dead?” and – rather than try to nurture people and reassure them – it’s far too easy to mistake some instances of genuine concern for further attempts to hurt the project, or the community. In some cases, we risk alienating people or pushing people out of the project, which is almost as hurtful as the fud campaign that lead us here.


I think we all need to be able to put our hands up and say “I was affected by this, and to whatever degree, it has influenced how I perceive and react to comments within the community”. I think that if we acknowledge what we can do better, the healing process will go a lot faster and we’ll alienate fewer people as a result.

I’m just gonna put it out there – I’ve been far quicker to react defensively lately than I have been previously. I feel almost protective of DFK, especially after having personally invested so much in the project (not financial, obviously, I’m still a crypto shrimp) since I joined in January. And that was before I started putting this website together!

I really want to try to be a part of a shift in mentality that takes us back to where we were before. Collectively, we can do better. I’m not attacking anyone or singling anyone out, but there’s certainly some room for improvement in a general sense. We need to get ourselves out of a mindset where our first instinct is to protect what we have, and get us to a point where we look for opportunities to be decent to one another. To look for the person who may seem like they’re just being a dick, but actually might just need a bit of a hug.

It isn’t going to take some monumental effort to get us from where we are now, to where we were just very recently. We as a community have demonstrated how genuinely wonderful we can be to one another – familiar faces or otherwise – so it isn’t a case of trying to change who we are, more that we need to start being truer to who we are and focus on delivering the positive vibes. But, I do think that the first step has to be acknowledging there’s a problem and being willing to try to change it.


Stop being cunts.

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