Profession Quests

Profession Quests represent a small part of what will eventually be the overall game. In fact, they aren’t even set to be the only type of Quests that are available ingame, but they are good at finding you some loot…

Level 0 Profession Quests

Each type of Profession Quest gives different rewards (except for a Gaia’s Tears and Shvas Runes which are available for all of them) and are handled slightly differently.

This level of Profession Quest is only the first of many levels planned for this category of quests. They are designed to give out basic rewards, and increa

They all need Heroes, but which Hero you send on the quest will have determine how effective you are – and how much loot that you get.

This loot can be used towards Crafting, selling at the Vendor, leveling your Heroes up or summoning new Heroes!

What determines how effective my hero is at Profession Quests?

There are two factors that determine how good your hero is at questing:

(TL;DR – it’s 2/3rds for Profession Score and 1/3rd for associated Stats Score)

Profession Score

The Profession Score counts for 2/3rds of a Hero’s effectiveness at questing. Any hero can be sent on any quest – the Profession Gene only affects how long or how much stamina is used to complete quests. Check out the individual Level 0 Profession Quest pages to see how specific quests are affected in different ways.

Your Hero’s Profession Score has a chance at being boosted every time you send your hero out on a quest. The more quest attempts or the more stamina you use during a quest will determine how many chances you get at increasing this score, as it’s all RNG.

The amount your Hero’s Profession Score increases by can range from 0.1 at the completion of a quest to 0.8 (DFKEggspert has seen no evidence of a higher quest boost than this, but that’s not to say it’s not theoretically possible to get higher).

It’s also worth noting that the Level 0 Profession Quests were only designed to boost Profession Scores to enable heroes to access the next level of Profession Quests. So, the lower the Score, the more likely it is to receive a boost at the completion of a quest (and the higher that number is likely to be).

Profession Stats

You’ll see a lot of people talk about their heroes as having “matching stats” for the profession they want their Hero to be used for. Each profession has two associated stats that provide a 1/3rd boost to a Hero’s effectiveness at questing, as illustrated in this community chart below:

Also found on the Infographics page

As a rough guide, the Hero classes are ranked by how good they are at any given profession. This is determined by the Hero’s Growth Stat score, which is effectively a combined percentage for how likely it is for both of the associated Profession Stats to be increased during a level up. For more info on Growth Stats, click here.

Level 10 Profession Quests

Coming soon!