PVE as per Docs and Avalance Presentation

AVAX Presentation, Barcelona, 24rd March ’22, write-up found here.

The official docs has the following to say about PVE:

Some light night time reading.

But, as usual, there is information to be found elsewhere:

Frisky Fox โ€” Our mechanics team is really hard at work on that, theyโ€™ve been working very hard at it. Part of what you can do when you are out there is you can do combat. This is very new. We are super stoked. Iโ€™m probably the most excited about this, because you can form teams of up to 3 heroes and have them go out and fight against enemy monsters in random encounters and earn experience and rewards and climb that ladder and try to make the best team.

Dreamer โ€” This hints to it a little bit, but Iโ€™m really excited to see the sprite version of all of our heroes come to life in this 3v3 combat system. Having the team comp, seeing it unfold, and having that interact with traveling across the map is going to be very exciting.

Frisky Fox โ€” Atlas Parker has been hard at work basically redoing all of our heroes in this new combat pose and they look amazing. Iโ€™m so excited for them to be released. We arenโ€™t quite there yet, but soon.

Frisky Fox, Dreamer, AVAX Presentation, Barcelona, 24rd March ’22, write-up found here.

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