What Are Quests?

Quests were the first real game aspect of DeFi Kingdoms. It involves sending your Hero NFTs off on tasks to try to find ingame loot and gain experience. And because it’s a GameFi project, each individual loot items have real world monetary value.

Profession Quests

So far we’ve only got the Level 0 Profession Quests (L0PQs), but these are just the first tier of what will be many tiers going forward. The next tier – the Level 10 Profession quests are next. For this, your heroes will not need to be Level 10 heroes, rather than in order to complete the L10PQs your heroes will need a Profession Score of 10 or higher.

Training Quests

These are currently the newest set of quests that you can send your hero on in DeFi Kingdoms. The short version is that you pit your hero against an NPC in one-on-one challenge based on a single stat. There are eight NPCs, each representing a different stat and offer a different Training Quest (TQ). The higher that single stat of your hero is, the great the chance of success against the relevant NPC.

The Perilous Journey

The Perilous Journey (PJ) was a one-time event/quest where you sent your hero off on a grand adventure with no guaranteed chance of survival. The rewards for surviving were high, the compensation for losing your hero NFT was not. There will be unique quests offered in the future to survivors of the PJ.

Wishing Well Quest

This is technically still available ingame, though the payout/rewards are so low that there’s little point in participating in this quest. It was introduced very early on in the project as a way of injecting Gaia’s Tears into the game so that players could summon heroes. As Tears are available now through any of the L0PQs, there’s no need to use the Wishing Well.