What is Serendale?

Serendale is the beating heart of DeFi Kingdoms. It is the first and primary realm of the game, and it is one of the most beautiful pieces of pixel art ever committed to a game.

Why Should I Care?

This is where the majority of users started. Whether they joined the project to go all-in on the LPs, or they’ve put money into Heroes, the chances are they did it here first.

Everything that happens in DFK will happen in Serendale first. It’s the core of the DFK experience, even if you’ve come in from another network, like Avalanche. It’s also the first realm of DeFi Kingdoms to have Land that can be bought or traded, and home to many unique areas within DFK like the Castle and the Alchemist.

How To Use This Section

Each area of Serendale will have its own page. And on that page, there’ll be a brief guide as to what the area is for and why that matters in the grand scheme of things. There’s lots to see and do in DeFi Kingdoms, so whilst to seasoned veterans of DFK this will seem like simple stuff, if you’re just getting started it can all be a bit overwhelming. But, don’t worry – explore these parts at your leisure and hopefully you’ll pick up enough bits of info to have the confidence to go out and make the most of your DFK experience!

So dig in, have a look around and if you have any questions, get in touch via the contact page.