Serendale Portal

Stone Carver Rudel

I tell you what, this Rudel has some pretty impressive working routines. Turns up only periodically, puts in half a shift and then disappears again for days at a time, leaving his Stone Gnome companion Garth to make up terrible excuses for him.

Click here for a guide to Crafting with the Stone Carver.

Arch Druid Agranum

You visit the Arch Druid Agranum to begin the process of summoning, or for a limited time it was where you could take your Gen0 hero for a gene reroll. Make sure you do your research before summoning, or it can be a very expensive way of pulling some really, really basic heroes!

Here’s what Agranum has to say:

“Greetings, child. If you’re here to Summon a new Hero, I can help.

When I begin to Infuse a Crystal for you, you will select two Heroes whose essences will be used to attract a new Hero similar to themselves. You must own at least one Hero. I can help you rent the other, if needed. This Infusion will require Gaia’s Tears and Jewel. The amount needed varies, but I will calculate it for you.

Additionally, I can help you Infuse extra Tears if you wish to seek additional blessings for the new Hero. Let me know when you’re ready to begin.”

Druid Lisa

You go to see Druid Lisa once you’ve obtained summoning crystals from the Arch Druid. It’s Lisa that actually does the summoning, so if you get a weak hero it’s probably her fault.

Here’s what she has to say:

“The Arch Druid has infused your Crystal? Good! I will now perform the ritual that will Summon a Hero from the Inner Grove. As you probably know, Crystals are infused with the essence of the two Heroes you chose, so your new Hero will probably resemble them in a number of ways. When you’re ready, let me know and we’ll begin the Summoning.”

More Information on Summoning (Lore)

The land, after many ages, is finally returning to the old ways. The Kingdom’s strengthening connection to Gaia has reopened the ancient portal, and Heroes from the Inner Grove have entered the kingdom to help protect this people once again.