Stone Carver

Next Level Crafting

So the Stone Carver has joined us in Serendale and his job is to help us craft Lesser Enhancement Stones using a combination of quest loot and potions crafted at the Alchemist. Small caveat: the guy is lazy AF, only works part time and has to be dragged back into work every few days by one of DeFi Kingdom’s real life human players. First impressions and all that…

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Here’s a shot of Rudel on one of the rare moments he bothers turning up for work.

Master Rudel is only available for a limited time each week — between 12–48 hours — so follow the steps below to be prepared for his appearance!

Taking flexitime work contracts to the next level.

Set Up Shop

“When Master Rudel is available to work, you will see him in the top-left corner of the Portal map. The first player to encounter Rudel each week will need to help him set up shop.”

“1. Click on Rudel and select “Set Up Shop” to get started, then approve the transaction. This will start the cooldown for his availability.”

Even when he does work, he can’t be bothered to do it all himself. Yet still charges you a fortune.

Stone Carving

“2. Once Rudel is ready to work, you can see how long he will be available. Speak with him to learn more about the art of Stone Carving, or select “Craft Enhancement Stone” to open the crafting window.”

“3. The list of available items for crafting appears in the center of the window, and full descriptions are available on the left. The right-hand side shows what materials are required to craft a particular stone, as well as how many of that item are currently in your inventory.”

And because we all love an infographic, here’s one Albus made with a full set of ingredients:

“4. Select the Enhancement Stone that you wish to craft and the quantity of that item. Click “Approve” on each component as necessary and sign the transactions. Finally, click “Craft” and sign the transaction to make the Enhancement Stone(s).

5. Once the carving is complete, you will be notified and the Stone will be added to your inventory.”

How to Use Enhancement Stones

Short version:

“6. Use these Stones at the Portal during summoning to enhance the base stats, primary stat growth, and secondary stat growth of the summoned Hero!”

Long version:

To go to the pages of any one of the individual Lesser Enhancement Stones, please click on the relevant stone below: