The BETA Site

What is the beta site?

For those who don’t know – and you aren’t alone – there is a beta version of the DeFi Kingdoms website that runs live alongside the main website that a large number of the playerbase are using to access the website.

The beta version of the website is a subdomain of the main game, so has access to all the same databases and your ingame items (Heroes, Loot etc). It runs off the same servers, so everything you can do on the main website you can also do on the beta, but the beta has the latest version of some features that aren’t quite ready for a full release.

Where can I find the beta site?

You can find the beta site just by replacing the ‘www’ at the start of the url to ‘beta’.


DFK Duel

This feature is currently only available on the Beta version of the site. For more information about the DFK Duel minigame, follow this link:

Mining and Gardening

These Level 0 Profession Quests are both available now on the MAIN version of the website. The reason they were not added to the main site straight away is that whilst final versions of these quests were made available, it was discovered there was a sub-optimal way in which the quests were handling contracts behind the scenes. The decision was made to remake these quests from the ground up, and it is these new versions of the quests that have now appeared on the main site.

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