The Raffle Master


The Raffle Master is a new NPC introduced at the Castle of Serendale. His job, would you believe, is to administer the raffles of DeFi Kingdoms. This page will cover the following:

What are DeFi Kingdom raffle tickets?
How do I earn raffle tickets?
How to enter the raffles?
What can I win with raffle tickets?
Are the raffle tickets worth it?

As always, as this feature continues to change and evolve, I’ll continue to update the page!

The “official” name for the Raffle Master
Credit: SecondBestDad

What Are DeFi Kingdom Raffle Tickets?

The first concept of raffle tickets that we saw in DeFi Kingdoms was for the Gen0 raffle for the Crystalvale expansion. These were awarded for various game-related events, such as the Perilous Journey hero-burning event. In this early version, users could not see the raffle tickets in their inventory, they just had to track how many they had by looking at related ingame notifications or any released Google Sheets pertaining to airdrops and such.

Unlike other ingame items, raffle tickets are soul-bound. This means they are assigned to your wallet and cannot be sold, transferred or traded. So the only way to get them is to perform specific tasks that awards them.

The concept has now evolved and will now be a permanent fixture in the game. Your tickets will now show up in your inventory as such:

How Do I Earn Raffle Tickets?

The raffle tickets we now see can be earned at this stage via competing in DFK Duel. For a full breakdown of DFK Duel, see here:

DFK Duel Raffle Ticket Prizes

For winning 1v1 with 0.1J, 0.5J or 1J staked, you get 10, 60 or 130 Tickets.
For winning 3v3 with 0.3J, 1.5J or 3J staked, you get 40, 220, 450 Tickets.
For winning 9v9 with 1J, 5J or 10J staked, you get 150, 780 or 1600 Tickets.
For losing, you get 10% of the Raffle Tickets that you would have received for winning.

Future Raffle Ticket Awards

But, the raffle tickets are designed to be a global system, so are intended to be featured and distributed as rewards in future minigames and events throughout DFK.

Interesting enough for the community, the raffle ticket system has also been designed to work with third-party games and projects as part of the DFK Build program. It’s been suggested that batches of tickets will be able to be bought wholesale by third party builders to incentivise the assets being built outside of DFK Team, and community interaction with these projects. Fun!

How Do I Enter The Raffles?

Go to Raphael, just to the right of the red carpet in the Castle in Serendale

Raffles currently require a hard refresh (ctrl+F5) to show up to date information. Otherwise, the number of existing entries, and your chances of winning, will not be accurate. This will need to be repeated if you’re checking results just after the raffle has ended, too.

After that, it really is just a case of finding the raffle you want to enter and giving as many tickets to that raffle as you’d like, with some limitations.

Players cannot cancel ticket entries after they have been made. Tickets are removed from the playerโ€™s inventory at the time of entering. Raffle entries require a minimum of one ticket and the max entries are one ticket for every three seconds remaining in the raffle. For example, a Mini Raffle has a 900 second duration so the max entries a player could make would be 300, assuming they entered them the moment the Raffle began. Every three seconds, the amount of entries possible would go down so at 897 seconds the max entries would be 299.

What Can I Win With Raffle Tickets?

The bottom line is that if an item exists ingame, it can be included in raffles. Up to and including:

So before we all get too carried away, this means that a Gen0 Hero NFT isn’t going to be added to the regular prize pool rotation, but is an indication of how much functionality the raffle ticket system has.

In addition to the prizes featured below, it’s also been suggested that Gold Eggs will feature as future prizes:

Taken from the pre-release doc shared by Frisky Fox

Gold Raffles

In item raffles, players risk their tickets without the guarantee of winning anything. Tickets entered into the Gold Pot will always win Gold. Players will see a raffle description that shows the time remaining for the current entry period and a Claim button to withdraw gold from previous periods if tickets were entered. The amount of Gold each player wins depends on how many tickets have been entered. The Gold Pot is split amongst all tickets, with an equal share for each. Players wonโ€™t need to start, close, or draw for the Gold Pot. Gold Pot periods are 24 hours. We’ll be using the Gold collected thus far from Duels to incentivize the next week of Gold Pots.

Mini Raffles

The smallest version of the raffles. At launch, these raffles ran for just fifteen minutes at a time and have the smallest prize payouts. Prizes seen so far include Shvas Runes, Stamina Vials and Lesser Attunement Crystals.

Other prizes seen so far include single Moksha Runes as well as individual Lesser Attunement Crystals.

Mini Raffles will typically only have one winner

Small Raffles

The Small Raffles last six hours a time (though this is subject to change if deemed appropriate to do so) and have a little larger prizes. So far, this has included the Standard sized Gems… or the Attunement Crystals and Enhancement Stones.

Small Raffles usually have 5 total winners

Medium Raffles

These last 24 hours a time (subject to change) and have a considerable prize pool. For item worth they again draw from the middle range of the Crystals / Stones in DFK, but have between 8 and 12 items on offer.

Medium Raffles typically have 5 total winners

Large Raffles

Large raffles run for an entire week. They have the highest value of all raffles, with this raffle having a value well over 600J. They also have the highest number of raffle tickets entered for them though, with this one having over 600,000 entries and another in the first week having over one million raffle tickets entered.

Large Raffles typically have 5 total winners

Are The Raffle Tickets Worth It?

This is the most subjective topic of all of them. The short answer is – if you win, sure! Unlike other aspects of the game, such as questing, crafting and combat, this wasn’t designed specifically to be profitable. This isn’t a play-to-earn feature. Just because you enter DFK Duel and earn raffle tickets (and you earn tickets even if you lose), doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a return from that.

It’s possible to enter raffles tactically. Your tactic might be “throw everything at the biggest raffle you can” and then you’re at the mercy of a single raffle draw. Going all-in on one raffle does make it more likely that you’ll win that raffle, but it might mean that you win fewer prizes overall if you don’t. For instance, I put 1000 raffle tickets into two of the first Large raffles. Between the two I averaged a 0.1% chance of winning on either. At the time of writing the draw for these raffles is still 40 minutes away, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Whereas I also tactically entered a smaller amount into a whole bunch of Mini Raffles – I think 50 tickets at a time – and won on four different draws as I was at around 10% each time for winning. The 8 Lesser Attunement Crystals I won have a value of around 80J, meaning I probably almost broke even on the cost of entering the Duels.

The key take-away from the Raffles is that they’re meant to be a fun chance-to-win, not a guaranteed play-to-earn, and as this is a new dynamic for DeFi Kingdoms. Unless you enter the Gold Raffle, which does offer guaranteed returns, but tbh it won’t be much. Some people will be happy to settle for a return of 1 gold per ticket so won’t mind piling in everything they’ve got to the gold draw, meaning people who enter when it’s at 5 gold per ticket, for example, will no doubt be disappointed at some stage.

Think of it more like playing the lottery – it’s great if you win but you probably won’t. So for now, it becomes a measure of how much you enjoy playing DFK Duel and whether the inherent costs are worth it. And that’s an answer that is different for everyone. If you’re playing DFK Duel for the enjoyment, and happen to coincidentally by chance win something in the raffles then great, just don’t do it with the expectation of winning/getting a return and you can’t be disappointed.

Still, wouldn’t it be nice…