The information on DFK Eggspert is provided free of charge and without obligation. The more we know understand collectively, the stronger the project behind it becomes.

If you do want to contribute towards the DFK Eggspert endeavour, I’m no longer being stubborn about refusing to accept tips. The 0x for the DFKE tipjar is as follows:


Doesn’t have to be Jewel or Crystal – if you wanna send some Frost Bloaters it’s all gravy. Every gesture made will be appreciated no matter how seemingly small. Positive feedback makes the world go round!


Ultimately, I’d like to be able to move DFK Eggspert to private hosting (as it is currently natively hosted on the WP infrastructure). This will allow for greater freedom to update and amend the website in a way that makes the most sense, rather than fight the constraints of limited access as I have atm.

And, I’m not going to lie, I kinda want to save for a Mythic pet for my one good hero.

Long term, if there is enough community support I’d like to commission a Discord bot that will allow people to interact with the website and find information directly from the DFK Discord server.