To-Do List

Things I Still Need to Add to the Website

So this website is still pretty early in development. Here’s my personal to-do list for things that I plan to add to the site.

If you can think of anything else that you might want to see here, comment below!

Category Pages

  • Write a better introduction to SD on the Serendale page
  • Write a better introduction to CV on the Crystalvale page

Information Pages

  • Create page for every area of Serendale
  • Create page for every area of Crystalvale
  • Create pages for Enhancement stones
  • Create pages for Attunement/Atonement crystals
  • Add a page for Hero Base Stats
  • Create a page for Hero Growth Stats
  • Create pages for all the Lore Pages
  • Add content for Land
  • Add content for Future Quests
  • Create a page for Timeline
  • Add content to Stone Carver page
  • Create a table of all content for the Loot Items page
  • Create a list of referenced characters from DFK Lore
  • Create page on Hero Card Elements
  • Create page on Hero Card Backgrounds
  • Create page for Crafting


  • Create a guide for Getting Started (link to Samichpunch’s guides in the mean time)
  • Create a guide for Summoning
  • Create a guide to explain Heroes
  • Write a guide to selling heroes
  • Write a guide to buying heroes
  • Create a guide for hero leveling
  • Add a guide for staying safe in Crypto/DFK
  • Create links to Samichpunch’s AMA writeups


  • Write a post on the Easter Egg event.
  • Write a post about the Perilous Journey
  • Write a post about Leaderboards
  • Write post on “Why are Enhancement Stones so critical to Summoning?”


  • Create individual FAQ posts for all questions/answers
  • Create page with full list of FAQ questions
  • “Why are Enhancement Stones so critical to Summoning?”


  • Write SEO for everything


  • Add contract addresses to all applicable pages
  • Create a Contracts page for all ingame items
  • Ask for previous versions of map/area art for timeline
  • I also need to make it so that people can “open” the images up and save them/share the link easily.
  • Add featured images to dfk-lore and dfk-lore/the-eternal-story

Completed Tasks

A full list of all tasks completed, as they’re completed:

  • Turn the ‘upcoming features’ into blog category pages.
  • Create a new “post type” for FAQs
  • Create an FAQ post template
  • Create pages for all the Lore Pages
  • Find out what on earth AMP is for WP.
  • Create overall page for The Eternal Story
  • Create a page for all Lore
  • Update references to Mining/Gardening being available exclusively on Beta
  • Download plugin that allows Sticky posts at the top of top-level category pages
  • Removed incomplete items from the main menu
  • Write a post about Shvas Runes availability
  • Created main page for External Resources
  • Created main page for Guides
  • Fix issue with FAQs updating content based on new FAQ posts being generated.
  • Add content to ‘Questing’ main page
  • Adopt all FAQs from the DFK Docs
  • Removed Page 10 contents from The Eternal Story
  • Corrected name on Page 5 TES
  • Readded content to The Eternal Story page
  • Turn all ‘Upcoming Features’ pages into categories
  • Write posts with original Upcoming Features content
  • Create ‘Scholarship Programme’ category
  • Created posts for individual updates on the Scolarship program (up to Jan 6th 22)
  • Create individual FAQ posts for all FAQs on record (from docs/sentient pumpkin)
  • Added several unique FAQ posts.
  • Updated top menu to link to categories rather than pages where appropriate
  • Created Google Survey to capture FAQ suggestions, distributed across Discord, Reddit and Twitter.
  • Fix presentation of featured images on blogs on Home Page
  • Added basic content to the Serendale Marketplace Page
  • Added individual pages for all eight Lesser Attunement Crystals
  • Added page for Attunement Crystals
  • Added page for Training Quests
  • Added page for all NPCs currently in SD/CV
  • Created new GIFs for all remaining Marketplace NPCs
  • Added eight pages for each of the TQs
  • Added page for Portal
  • Added category for Land
  • Added two extracts for Land info
  • Created pages for all 9 Lesser Enhancement Stones
  • Updated 9 LES pages with Stone Carver Content
  • Completed Stone Carver page
  • Added Post for Pet Update 21 May 22
  • Added Post for Duels Update 21 May 22

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