Training Quests

Training Quests came out at relatively short notice – like when something’s about to happen but you realise it too late to give proper warning. Like, if they’d have come out any quicker they’d have been genuinely premature.

Level 1 Training Quests

So the Level 1 Training Quests (or L1TQs) are a slightly different approach to questing than the Level 0 Profession Quests (or L0PQs), in so much as they don’t rely on a the profession gene to be effective. Rather than focus on a hero’s Profession Score, they work based on a hero’s Stat Score. The higher the Stat Score, the greater the chances of success.

There are eight quests in both Serendale and Crystalvale, each focusing on a different stat – Strength, Agility, Endurance, Wisdom, Dexterity, Vitality, Intelligence, and Luck. And for every L1TQ, there’s a different NPC in each realm to represent them:



How They Work

They work similarly to the L0PQs Fishing and Foraging in how they are handled:
– You can send six heroes in a group at a time
– Each L1TQ will cost 5 stamina, regardless of hero level/profession
– The number of L1TQ attempts per group is limited to the stamina of the hero with the lowest stamina
– It takes 20s per quest attempt, per hero. This number doesn’t change if you add more heroes to the group like it does with L0PQ Fishing/Foraging
– There is a 1 point bonus for a green stat whilst questing, a 3 point bonus for a blue stat and a 4 point bonus for a purple stat.


So the rewards for the L1TQs can be a lot better than the L0PQs, but only if you’re successful in your quest attempt (more on that further down the page). Not only is there some returning content in the Gold, Shvas Runes and Lesser Attunement Crystals, but there’s also now new loot available in the form of Lore Pages from The Eternal Story.

We don’t currently know what the drop rates are for the runes, crystals or lore pages as the developers are keen for the community to figure this out for themselves to maintain some gamified aspects to the experience. Though for the Lore Pages, they specifically mentioned they would “drop more often than eggs” and that they designed the probability of being able to complete the whole set around the notion of having three heroes actively on the Training Quests as it’s considered the ‘median number’ of heroes.


So it’s entirely possible to rake in the experience from these quests as the XP payout for finding items is higher than the loot items you get from the L0PQs. Here’s a quick breakdown of the XP you get for each item:

15XP for every quest attempt
25 Gold and +30XP for every
successful quest attempt
+50XP per Shvas Rune
(1% Drop Rate)
+125XP per Lore Page
(0.75% Drop Rate)
+150XP per Lesser Attunement
(0.5% Drop Rate)

The Eternal Story

There are to be ten pages in total for The Eternal Story, nine of which were made available when the L1TQs were launched. The tenth page is set for a limited-time event which will be needed to combine all ten pages into a book to create a new NFT later on. For now, any of the eight L1TQs can drop any of the nine Lore Pages.

Lesser Attunement Crystals and Success Rates

This very handy infographic made by Albus shows not only which Lesser Attunement Crystal is available for which L1TQ, but also the success rate of quest attempts vs the Stat Score of the hero you’re questing on:

Which leads me on to my final point:

Current Questing Strategy

So there’s no right way and wrong way to quest. If you want to send all your heroes to the Training Quests – go right ahead. But, if you’re dealing with heroes that are, say, Level 1-3 and you don’t have any single stats that are over 25 (including the bonuses of 1/3/4 for green/blue/purple), your chances of successfully completing a L1TQ are pretty low. Not impossible, but low. Therefore I’d suggest that any hero that doesn’t have a stat score of over 20 is an automatic candidate for the L0PQs.

Similarly, with the L10PQs on the horizon, it would be a good idea to get any lower level heroes up to a Profession Score 10 so that they would be able to take part in the next tier of Profession Quests. These were due out in Q3, but like many game aspects this was ruined by Harmony shitting the bed with their security leading to The Migration.

Here’s to what could have been.

Of course, once heroes are at that Profession Score 10 level, I’d be pretty keen to try and get them back into the Training Quests so that I may try to complete a collection of The Eternal Story pages before they disappear.