Level 1 Luck Training Quest

Level 1 Luck Training Quest

In the Level 1 Luck Training Quest you pit your hero against an NPC to try to best them in a game that relies on just the LCK stat of your hero.

As with any other Training Quest, neither the class, level, profession gene or profession score affect your chances of success.

Although, the higher the level of your hero, the higher the LCK stat is likely to be. So the hero classes that are more likely going to have a high LCK stat are the likes of your Dread Knights, Dragoons, Dark Knights etc. This is because the growth rates for the LCK stat are higher amongst these classes and so the more times you’ve levelled a hero, the higher the stat is likely to be.

Where to Find Luck Training Quest

In Serendale it’s the Card Game with Lucky Moe in the Tavern.

In Crystalvale it’s Catching Emberlings with Emberlings at The Cradle.

How does the Level 1 Luck Stat Quest Work?

They work similarly to the L0PQs Fishing and Foraging in how they are handled:
– You can send six heroes in a group at a time
– Each quest attempt will cost 5 stamina, regardless of hero class/profession
– The number of L1TQ attempts per group is limited to the stamina of the hero with the lowest stamina
– It takes 20s per quest attempt, per hero. This number doesn’t change if you add more heroes to the group like it does with L0PQ Fishing/Foraging
– There is a 1 point bonus for a green LCK stat whilst questing, a 3 point bonus for a blue LCK stat and a 4 point bonus for a purple LCK stat.



So it’s entirely possible to rake in the experience from these quests as the XP payout for finding items is higher than the loot items you get from the L0PQs. Here’s a quick breakdown of the XP you get for each item:

15XP for every quest attempt
25 Gold and +30XP for every
successful quest attempt
+50XP per Shvas Rune
(1% Drop Rate)
+125XP per Lore Page
(0.75% Drop Rate)
+150XP per Lesser Fortune
(0.5% Drop Rate)

The Eternal Story

There are to be ten Lore Pages in total for The Eternal Story, nine of which were made available when the L1TQs were launched. The tenth page is set for a limited-time event which will be needed to combine all ten pages into a book to create a new NFT later on. The Level 1 Luck Training Quest can drop any of the nine Lore Pages.

Lesser Attunement Crystals and Success Rates

This very handy infographic made by Albus shows not only which Lesser Attunement Crystal is available for which L1TQ, but also the success rate of quest attempts vs the Stat Score of the hero you’re questing on: