Video Content

There are a lot of channels on YouTube dedicated to DeFi Kingdoms, full of some fantastically useful information.

As there is so much information and depth to DFK available, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming trying to find the best version of the information, and the best sources.

Below are a list of some of the better channels to check out:

DFK Official Channel

Click here to visit the Official DFK YouTube Channel

Whilst it may seem a little obvious, the Official DeFi Kingdoms YouTube channel is a great source of information. Not only do they share their weekly AMAs (Ask Me Anything) on their channel, but they also have a bunch of social events, such as the “Chaos Cast” with Rissen and Bolon (and a whole bunch of guests) which is a great way of meeting some of the team and some of the things they want to talk about, not just what people want to hear.

Crypto With Tosh

Click here to visit his channel on YouTube

This guy covers a lot of different topics so is worth checking out just to see how many different considerations there are for DFK. He goes into a lot of detail in his videos so if you’re looking to pick up some insight, these tutorials and commentaries can be ideal. You can find his Twitter page here.

Inner Grove

Click here to go to the Inner Grove channel on YouTube

This series of videos is hosted by Samichpunch and Babypunch (and a whole bunch of guests, some of whom recurring) are often invaluable in picking up bits of information about the world of DeFi Kingdoms. They’re two of the most knowledgeable persons to speak to about all things DFK and if you have the time, you should catch their podcasts live and ask questions where you can on whatever they’re speaking about. Top quality channel.

The High Indian

Click here to go to The High Indian’s channel on YouTube

Another popular YouTuber on all matters DFK, this “Ultimate Beginners Guide” is one of the best on YouTube. His other stuff is all on point as well, so be sure to give him a follow and gently ease yourself in to a world of content.