Wen Pets?


DFK Team are big on publishing content when it’s ready, not before. Which is fine, except WE ALL WANT PETS!

Frisky has been quoted as saying that “big releases” come every two weeks:


Which as the Crystalvale Gen0 heroes landed on the 4th May (with absolutely no trace of The Imperial March playing, likely due to copywrite), many took this mean that pets would drop on the 18th May.

As it turns out, the Gen0 hero launch was delayed by a week and was supposed to be ready on the 27th April. The next ‘big release’ was the Stone Carver, which was launched on Wednesday 11th May, fits that scheduling a lot better with that in mind. And so, save for further delays, Pets should drop on Wednesday 25th May.

If it doesn’t, it’ll be because the team are making sure it’s done right and that the version we get is good to go, rather than potentially full of the kind of bugs you see in a release that was pushed out to meet a schedule, rather than when it was ready.

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